Di’s Floor Centre is proud to offer eco-friendly flooring solutions in Lane County. Both bamboo and cork flooring are considered “green” products because they can be harvested at intervals significantly shorter than it takes to regenerate a stand of timber. These renewable flooring solutions make a great addition to any green home or sustainable living lifestyle.

Get the look

Bamboo and cork flooring provide a natural look with a texture similar to, but also individually distinct from, classic tree-grown hardwoods. This all-natural flooring solution is a great way to bring warmth to a space or to complement a modern decor.


Cork flooring is one of the eco-friendliest floorings on the market. Cork comes from the harvest of the bark of the cork oak, as opposed to the whole trunk. As a rapidly renewing resource, cork may be harvested every 9-12 years without damaging the tree. In the typical lifecycle of a cork tree, that means more than 16 harvests over 200 years.

Di’s Floor Center is a proud cork flooring distributor in the Eugene-Springfield area.



Quiet. Have you ever held a wine cork between your fingers and given it a squeeze? When you apply pressure to cork, it compresses, which makes it cushy and quiet underfoot.

Soft and warm. The same compression that makes it quiet also makes cork a comfortable floor to walk on and a great insulator for warmth.

An eco-friendly and sustainable building resource.


Bamboo flooring is available at Di’s Floor Centre in both solid and engineered hardwood. What’s interesting about bamboo is that it is not a tree; bamboo is a grass, which is why it has such a rapid regeneration rate of fewer than 10 years between harvests. For reference, an oak stand takes more than 60 years to regenerate before it may be harvested.

Bamboo is also an efficient crop in terms of labor, as it does not require replanting. Farmers simply cut it off at the stalk so that the roots remain in the ground to send up new shoots.

Bamboo planks come in three types: vertical, horizontal and strand woven.

Vertical Bamboo Planks: Strands of bamboo are laid on their sides and adhered so that the planks have a striped pattern.

Horizontal Bamboo Planks: Strands of bamboo are laid flat and adhered together so that the natural growth rings are visible.

Strand Woven Bamboo Planks: As in a composite manufacturing process, strips of bamboo are laid together and heated to create “timbers,” which are then cut to specification. This is a denser or harder version of bamboo flooring.



High-quality bamboo flooring is very durable. High-quality bamboo floors are stronger and harder than tree-based hardwood floors.

A sustainable building resource.

All flooring solutions at Di’s Floor Centre have a green certification and have low or no VOC emissions. We also offer hypoallergenic and all-natural products for customers who experience allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Things to think about…

As with any hardwood flooring, cork and bamboo planks need to be installed over a level subfloor.

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It’s tough to decide whether a floor is right for you when you are stuck in a showroom. Di’s Floor Centre has samples available for each of our flooring options so that you can take them home and consider them in your space for free, for up to 48 hours.


We are your local flooring specialists. If you have any lingering questions about whether bamboo or cork is the right flooring for you, feel free to contact us or visit our showroom. You may also find out more about this and other flooring products on our FAQ page.

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Di’s Floor Centre partners with an elite group of local flooring installation experts who are ready to get your new floor installed. If you’re interested in our bamboo and cork flooring installation services, request your free in-home consultation today. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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