What type of carpet cushion should I choose for maximum comfort?

Consider a thicker, plusher carpet cushion for a luxurious feel in bedrooms, dens and living rooms where comfort is a priority. Denser carpet pads will help your carpet look newer longer. Many carpet cushions are available that combine the best of both worlds; durability and ultra-plush comfort.

Is carpet cushion environmentally safe for my family and pets?

Most carpet cushions are made either from recycled materials, or materials that are recyclable. Many cushions also meet the Carpet and Rug Institutes Green Label for Indoor Air Quality, as they don’t emit hazardous levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Some carpet cushions contain antimicrobial treatments to fight against environmental elements such as odor-causing mold,… Read more »

Does it matter what the carpet cushion looks like?

No. Once the carpet cushion (also known as carpet padding) is installed beneath the carpet, you will never see it again. The most important factor when shopping for carpet padding is its thickness compared to the carpet you will be installing.