Di’s Floor Centre is proud of our quick, quality installations. The professional journeymen we work with are equipped with the experience and skill to accommodate fast turnarounds on projects so that our customers are back to normal sooner, enjoying their new floors and countertops.

The installation mechanics we partner with have attended special courses and seminars run by product manufacturers to make sure that they are the most qualified individuals to install your floors and counters.

What is our installation process?

At Di’s Floor Centre, each installation depends on what the job entails and what each customer prefers to handle themselves. But the bones of our standard installation process are as follows:

Flooring Installation


On the day of installation, the installers arrive by 9 a.m. and map out what areas of your home they’ll be working on, and what needs to be done to prepare the space for your new floor: move any furniture out of the room and pull up the old floor and baseboards (if needed).

If you prefer not to hire professional movers or move furniture yourselves, all you have to do is remove the knick-knacks and we’ll move the heavy stuff out of the room for free.*
Then, we install your new floors, put everything back in its place and clean thoroughly before we go.

*If you have any very valuable and large furniture, such as a baby grand piano or an entertainment center, we’ll need you to move it or to hire someone a professional mover. This is because we want to make sure that your most valuable items are treated with the care of experts who know how to protect large, specialized furnishings.

Countertop Installation

Countertop installation is very similar to flooring installation except that there is often much less furniture movement involved. All you need to do is clear the area where the countertop will be removed or installed, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We understand that having your house torn apart is a big deal, and we want to make the process as seamless as your new flooring and counters. Our installation experts work quickly and efficiently, leaving your home as we found it: clean and ready to enjoy.

How do we select the installation experts we hire?

The floor installation experts that Di’s Floor Centre partners with are skilled journeymen that we have worked with for many years. The individuals we hire have a proven track record of finishing projects on time and getting them done the right way.

All our installers have at least 15 years of experience installing floors in the Eugene-Springfield area, so they understand the types of homes that have been built here. They understand how different styles of flooring work within different floorplans, and they are practiced in navigating the installation of any type of flooring you find in our showroom.

Our installers are ready to listen to your wants and needs. They complete each flooring project with integrity that you can trust and craftsmanship that you will be proud of.

Why shouldn’t you hire a DIY guy to install your new floor?

It can be tempting to hire a friend or family member with YouTube savvy to get your floors installed on a budget. We understand the draw, but it’s important to realize that most manufacturers will not cover floors under warranty if they have been installed by anyone other than a professional. Unless you want to risk the cost of repairing a damaged floor on your own, we suggest employing our professional installers for your flooring installation.


We are your local flooring specialists in Eugene and Springfield. If you have any lingering questions about our countertop or flooring installation services, feel free to contact us or visit our showroom. You may also find out more about our flooring products on our FAQ page.