Household With Pets

Are your little critters indoor pets, or spend most of their time indoors? The most ideal flooring options will include hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, laminate or a top quality sheet vinyl. Hardwood floors are also an option, but be aware long nails will scratch your floors. It is also a good idea to have a hard surface flooring area in front of exterior doors in case of wet or muddy paws. These types of surfaces allow for quick and easy clean-up.

If you are contemplating carpet as a flooring solution, first and foremost select a product that has stain and soil protection in case of accidents.

Hair and Nails!

What color is your pets hair? Certainly you will want to select materials that minimize the hair's appearance. For instance, if you have a pet with lighter colored hair, would a darker carpet design be a wise choice? And not only is your pet's hair color a factor to consider, but also keep in mind how long your pet's hair is. Longer hairs will obviously be more visible than shorter hairs. In connection with nails, what should a householder keep in mind when contemplating carpet? Select material that does not have loops. Although looped or berber carpets wear well, they can snag easily if your pet has claws.

Textured, Frieze, and Cut Pile berbers are also some of the carpet styles that will help minimize footprints, or in this case, paw prints.

Kids with Pets at Di's Floor Centre, Floors in Eugene, Springfield, Oregon

Other Considerations for Households with Pets

Special bins or storage spacees for food, toys, shampoo, brushes, and so forth can be a good idea.

Laundry rooms, basements, or spare bathrooms can often times be the best place for a litter box.

Also, the laundry room if large enough, can serve as a grooming area equipped with a utility sink for bathing smaller pets.

Main level laundry rooms can be ideal for your pet's water and food.