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Luxury Vinyl flooring is crafted from either 100% vinyl or a limestone composite. Vinyl Composition Tile performs beautifully under the highest traffic, and highest maintenance conditions. Its through-pattern construction of color and pattern extends throughout the thickness of the tile, making scuffs and scrapes virtually undetectable. Whether in neutrals, pastels, or saturated vibrant colors, Luxury VCT is stylish, durable and economical.

Even more importantly, it contains increasingly high percentages of recycled content, because our suppliers have invested heavily in the creation of technologically advanced, innovative, takeback programs.

Practical Benefits of Luxury LVT:

Significantly reduces sound, making for a more quiet living space.
Smooths minor imperfections in subfloors.
Versatile tones and textures for creating any design ambiance.
Reinforced surfaces for easy cleaning.
Meets or exceeds most community building codes.
It's certified for its low emission materials make-up.

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Shopping for Luxury LVT

When you see Luxury LVT up close you will likely be amazed at its resemblance to actual stones, tiles, or woods. Decide in advance if you have a particular look in mind that you are trying to reproduce, such as a hardwood floor, or if you are going to select tile patterns and colors for your floor's appearance with Luxury LVT.

Luxury LVT Questions to Consider Should I be looking to purchase tiles or planks?

What type of space am I looking to furnish? A home, shop, or business?

Am I looking to reproduce the appearance of a more expensive type of flooring solution, such as Hardwood, or Natural Stone?

Do I prefer a grouted or nongrouted installation? Do I have a type of edge in mind?

Visit Di's Floor Centre today and schedule a Free In-Home Consulation. Our specialists are prepared to come to you and conveniently discuss your needs in your very own home. Di's Floor Centre will guide you through the selection process, all the way through to installation!